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 S 4 I IN T x's lost but now found app...

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Captain Grade II

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PostSubject: S 4 I IN T x's lost but now found app...   Sun Jun 27, 2010 4:49 pm

Age? 15 and 1/3

Do you have a Mic? y do i need one?

What game/Games are you wanting to play for in {MOH}? any game, as long as u buy it for me...

What Console/Consoles? xbox 360

What is your Gamertag/ PSN? S 4 I IN T x

How many Hours a day do you play? about 10 min

On a scale of 1-10 how skilled would you rate yourself? 13.2

Have you ever been in any other clans? yea, ive been in fear, im fear moho duh...

What times are you most available to play for the clan? i dont understnad the question....

Are you a team player? hmmmmmmm.....

Would you be able to make clan practices? if u guys make the practices for when im on

What special talents do you bring to the table for {MOH}? well, i can hardscope, camp, and noobtube

Why do you want to join Clan {MOH}? cause i hear some1 has small hands in this clan and id like to get to know them...

Are you registered with www.gamebattles.com? yea, i have like 2 times 1.5 accounts

If yes, What is your Gamebattles username? no, thats not working on me... get reported hacker...

How did you hear about clan {MOH}? burger king commercial... i searched guy with small hands on google, and it said moh is one of the only gaming clans to be lucky enough to have a guy with small hands

Who Recruited you? ELT Destroyer

Are you a mature person able to handle responsibilities? the question is, are u able to handle the fact that i can handle responsibilitys??
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PostSubject: Re: S 4 I IN T x's lost but now found app...   Sun Jun 27, 2010 4:53 pm

LMAO a lot of that was actually original.


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S 4 I IN T x's lost but now found app...
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