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 S 4 I IN T x's app for moderator...

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MoH Saint
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Captain Grade II

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PostSubject: S 4 I IN T x's app for moderator...   Mon Jun 28, 2010 12:35 am

Age? 15

How long have you been in {MOH}? It'll be a year in August...

Why do you want to become a forum Moderator? Because I believe I'm responsible enough and would like to help out...

Are you familiar with how to moderate a forum? Yea pretty much... May have to teach me a few things..

Have you even been a forum moderator elsewhere? Nope

Are you a responsible person? Yes

Would you be able to be unbiased ? Of course

Are you familiar with the forum TOS and would you be able to uphold those rules? Yes

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S 4 I IN T x's app for moderator...
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