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 MOH Practice Rules==*READ*==

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PostSubject: MOH Practice Rules==*READ*==   Wed Jan 28, 2009 9:19 pm

MOH is officially going to attempt, and hopefully successfully, do practices once per week.
Here's the basic Idea that is being thrown around.
We take votes on a good time/date for each of our supported games from all members.
After accumulating a solid number of a votes a general time span of when you will be expected to be on will be announced per game.
These practices are MANDATORY, I can't stress that enough.
If there was a reason for not showing up or you won't be able to make it post either a few days before or after the set date.
Don't throw out your excuse when it come battle time though.
If one does not attend the weekly practice they will then be not likely to take part in battles seeing as the ones who did attend practice have leeway over the others.
This is to assure everyone learns to play with one another, creating teamwork in battles, which will help our records in the long run.
The respective game leaders will be responsible for creating this practice and keeping track of who didn't attend.
If a game leader is not available for the said practice then it is their responsibility to request another member to stand in for them.

MOH Council

Refer to the post in the barracks to reply to this
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MOH Practice Rules==*READ*==
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